Revolutionary Cooperatives


Right now, consumer trust is at an all time low.  The first world is conflicted by the disparity of wealth, and society is angry.  Meaningful connections feel few and far between frustrated outbursts of entitled opinions.


But the labour market is on the cusp of significant change.


Economics in the 4th industrial revolution is driven by empowered individuals who are self-managing by behavioural design.


We are all shifting towards a decentralised model of individual contributors. A collective of government, education, corporate, industry, and community are working to build inclusive and diverse communities of “Living labs” to participate in the “Internet of Value”.


  • The Mendel Project is an alliance of self-sovereign digital ID solutions, 100% owned by the user to authenticate your digital assets & manage your reputation. The Mendel Project is inspired from Johann Gregor Mendel (the “father of genetics”). He was a teacher, lifelong learner, scientist, and man of faith. This guy exuded grit: he persevered through difficult circumstances during his journey to the most important discoveries in biology. Darwin also developed parallel theories of social selection (racial bias) and “survival of the fittest”.
  • One Billion Founders is an invitation by member consensus aiming to unite shared values in a global democratic society. A private equity network of individuals who are ambassadors of decentralized communities. We self fund a crypto venture incubator of thematic social enterprises.

  • An ICO is an Initial (Crowd Funded) Offering or Token generation offer as a method to raise capital or developing a an ecosystem using pricing mechanisms or behavioural economics.


Living Labs are communities with entrepreneurial spirit. Customers co-create products, and are empowered to become stakeholders of a commercially viable and sustainable business.


What are Living Labs?

Here’s some information about the ALLIN Living Labs movement in Australia


We have been a little slow on the uptake, with Estonia, and Europe leading the way in sustainable cooperative economies 



We live in an age of networked intelligence, and boundaries of organisations are changing. Living labs promote open markets and platforms for uniquely qualified minds to socialise solutions which give every person an equal opportunity to participate in the internet of value.


OPEN SOURCE – Free access to creative professionals and agencies, socialising digital assets and tools.

TRUST – Values and integrity. Transparency.

INDEPENDENCE [Your intellectual property] – Making your voice count as an individual contributor

EMPOWERMENT – Platforms to help our emerging labour force to build and grow their own networks of value exchange


Dr. Jason Potts of RMIT University (Australia) released a journal (April 2017) on immersive social ecosystems based on the theories of Network Open Innovation, co-creating sustainable models.


With a member first philosophy, startups and consumers are connected with a soul purpose: People are the product. Trust is our currency. Relationships are our capital.


Are you hungry for change?  I’d love to hear from you.