PEOPLE PRODUCTS: A Digital Journey

The emerging world of digital isn't necessarily all bad news.  It's humanity evolving with the 4th industrial revolution.


Capital markets in their current form are breaking down by consumer driven, decentralised communities of "smart" individuals.


Social media marketing doesn't build trust, it promotes pop-culture.


We are working alongside individuals who strive to make a difference for all consumers.  You won't receive benefits by hoarding "likes" on Facebook.  You can earn equity through the value you deliver to others.


What's your value?  You might want to ask the people you surround your life with.  They are your shareholders.

Platform Cooperatives

My specialty is collaborating with platform cooperatives to solve fundamental social problems, actively seeking digital tools and creating opportunities for individuals to be financially independent entities.


Over the past 18 years, I’ve gained a unique depth of experience working alongside CEOs and Managing Directors across a variety of industries, from blue chip corporates to tech start-ups.


I’m a reliable force for accomplishing what’s important by asking authentic questions, to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time, and the business benefits speak for themselves.  I also pride upon taking notice of the little things that count.


I work with a curated portfolio of blockchain projects and passionate people who believe in self-sovereignty in decentralized business models.

  • Digital Identity & reputation protocols
  • Blockchain & Token Offers
  • Thematic Markets
  • Sustainable consumer products
  • Social Enterprise
  • Augmented Reality
  • Behavioural learning 

Kodak Moments

Empowering creatives to thrive by commercialising their IP with reverse growth hacking. In a nutshell, we proactively offer solutions to corporate entities who are being pressure tested by the reality of becoming a "Kodak Moment".